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How to Use a Twin Needle on Your Sewing Machine

by LTS
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A twin needle is two needles attached to one shank, and they can be used for a variety of different purposes such as decorative sewing, or sewing hems, or topstitching. These types of needles come in a variety of different sizes, just like ordinary machine needles, but they have two numbers – one indicates the space between the needles, and the other indicates the needle size. They can also be used with one spool of thread, or for more colorful stitching effects, you can use two spools of thread.

In this video tutorial, learn all about what a twin needle is, and how to use it on your sewing machine. Discover how to interpret the numbers on the packaging, how to insert the needle into your sewing machine, how to thread your machine when using a twin needle, and see the twin needle in action.

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