Sewing Accessories

Grab’N’Go Sewing Organizer

Keep all of your sewing and other craft supplies organized with this convenient storage system. The front cover offers access to a variety of utility boxes and each box has a latch locking system that will keep the contents secure even if you drop it accidentally. The top lid also opens and includes a storage …

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Sewing Machine Carrier/Project Bag/Notion Bag

This wheeled carrier includes the wheeled carrier, a project/sewing machine tote and a notions bag. The carrier will hold most small to mid-size machines and is an absolute must-have for quilters and sewists. The project/sewing machine tote is perfect for carrying small, lightweight machines or your current sewing projects. Find the sewing machine carrier here

ArtBin Store-In-Drawer Cabinet

The Store-In-Drawer Cabinet conveniently stores a variety of sewing supplies. Multiple cabinets can be stacked on on top of another, or even mounted on a wall to free up workspace. The 30 transparent drawers are perfect for organizing beads, buttons, trims, and thread, and can be divided for added storage using store in drawer dividers. …

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Wrist Pin Cushion

These wrist pincushions will keep your pins and needles close and within reach while you’re sewing. They are perfect for machine sewing, hand sewing, quilting, or whatever task you’re doing that needs to be pinned or sewn. Fitted with an elastic band, these pincushions are functional, cute and would make a great gift for your …

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Sew Ready Hobby & Craft Table

The Sew Ready Hobby and Cutting Table folds easily and has casters for quick storage when not in use. When fully extended this table offers a work surface that is 60 inches wide and 36 inches deep making it ideal for spreading-out, cutting or adjusting fabrics and patterns. Wire mesh drawers and a bottom shelf …

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60 Pieces Mixed Notions Jar

This mixed notions jar includes three types of notions to keep your thread spools and bobbins under control. Included are 20 bobbinis that will keep your bobbins organized on top of color matching thread spools, 20 peels that hug your thread spools to prevent unwinding, and 20 tulips which clip onto bobbins to prevent tangles …

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Ironing Board Cover with Sewing Guide

This handy ironing board cover features a sewing guide with tape measure, grid, and other useful measurements printed on top so your ironing board can be used as a sewing table. The attached storage pocket is a handy place to store your water bottle, starch or other ironing supplies. Find the ironing board cover here

Rotating Carousel Storage Organizer

Keep your sewing room organized with this Rotating Carousel Craft Storage Organizer. The carousel organizer makes it easy to keep your supplies neatly arranged so you can work on your projects without worrying about cleaning up the mess. Ideal for use in your home, office space, craft room or classroom, the Rotating Carousel Craft Storage …

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Fabric Yo-Yo Makers

Using these fabric yo-yo makers you’ll be able to make nicely shaped fabric yo-yos in no time at all. This tool eliminates the need to cut circles to make yo-yos. Simply snap your fabric into the yo-yo maker, cut it to shape, then stitch through notches of tool. Once stitched, unsnap and pull the thread …

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Your Nest Craft Organizer

Your Nest Organizer keeps stuff handy in your craft or sewing room, or anywhere in your home or office. Store favorite tools like rulers, patterns, envelopes in the stand-up peg area. Place your rotary cutter and larger objects in the scoop, and put your pointy stuff like scissors and pencils in the spaces up front. …

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AccuQuilt GO Fabric Cutter

Accuquilt Go Fabric Cutter is a fast and precise fabric cutting system that allows quilters to cut fabrics as much as 90-percent faster than scissors or rotary cutting. Its patented revolutionary portable design allows you to carry and cut wherever you go – to classes, retreats, guild meetings and quilting bees. Included with the cutter …

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Multipurpose Sewing Clips

These sewing clips are great alternatives to pins especially when working with heavy weight fabrics, piles and vinyls. Each clip opens widely to hold layers of fabric, and the different colors and sizes allows you to choose the clip that best contrasts against any material. Find the sewing clips here

Stitch and Embroidery Removal Tool

This stitch eraser is an easy-to-use, time-saving tool that removes embroidery mistakes and unwanted stitches quickly and easily. This handy tool is designed specifically for embroidery stitch removal, and removes unwanted stitches by shaving them from the back side without damaging the fabric. Find the stitch removal tool here

Rolling Sewing Machine Tote

Sewing machines can travel in style with this rolling sewing machine tote. Besides being a great way to protect and travel with your sewing machine, this tote has several fantastic storage features: two side pockets with clear storage compartments work as great pattern holders, while long zipper pockets under the lid store needles, scissors and …

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Peels Thread Spool Huggers

Have you ever taken out your favorite color thread and found that it has become unraveled and is a mass of awful tangles? Delicate sewing and embroidery threads can easily unravel or lose tension when not in use, and especially if they somehow roll on the sewing table or storage shelf. Peels thread organizers are …

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Dritz St. Jane Sewing Basket

This St Jane Sewing Basket is made using beautiful, decorative fabric. The basket is lined in coordinating fabric and has a large oval design with a black metal handle. It has a magnetic snap closure on the front, a lift-out divided tray, a pin cushion and pockets on the inside of the lid. Find the …

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Snaps and Snap Pliers Set

This snaps and pliers set includes everything you need to attach a snap including 375 sets of snaps in 24 different colors, as well as pliers and other tools. The snaps only take a few seconds to attach, and are prefect for attaching to clothing, craft projects, and small bags and purses. Find the snaps …

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