12 Free Upcycled Bag Patterns

1. Mod Purse Refashion

Refashion an old leather purse into a hip modern bag. Learn how to recycle all of the original purse’s hardware, as well as make your own hand-stamped fabric for the top.

Free Bag Pattern and Tutorial - Mod Purse Refashion

2. Necktie School Bag

Got a bunch of ties and you’re not sure how to use them? Upcycle them into this creative schoolbag. Use some heavyweight stabilizer to help keep the shape of the bag, and add a magnetic snap closure to keep things secure.

Free Bag Pattern and Tutorial - Necktie School Bag

3. Rachel Handbag Sorry, no longer available.

The Rachel Handbag is super cute with convenient pockets on the front to keep things organized. To make the bag you could upcycle an old potato sack, or for convenience, use some fashion printed burlap fabric. Attach the knotted handle with some metal rings and use a magnetic snap closure to keep yoru contents safe.

Free Bag Pattern and Tutorial - Rachel Handbag

4. Pink Pizzazz Purse

This ultra mod bag is made from recycled pink sweaters. Use fashion rings to attach a pink striped handle, sew in a zipper closure, and add a buckle and strap for a decorative touch.

Free Purse Pattern and Tutorial - Pink Pizzazz Purse

5. Apron Bag Sorry, this pattern is no longer available.

6. Scarf Bag

Upcycle an old (or new) scarf into a lovely summer bag. With so many gorgeous designer inspired scarves out this season, it’s always great to find new ways to wear them, and because this scarf bag has a lightweight, billowy nature it is the perfect Summer accessory.

Free Sewing Tutorial - Scarf Bag

7. Drop Cloth Bag

Drop cloth fabric can give you a linen look at a fraction of the cost, and can be used for all types of home decor sewing, as well as bags and purses. This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to design this fresh and simple summer tote bag with lots of pockets.

Free Bag Pattern and Tutorial - Drop Cloth Bag

8. Recycle Jeans/Denim Backpack

Don’t Throw Away Your Shabby Jeans! This tutorial shows you how to turn your lovely old denim jeans into a handy backpack. For a professional finish, add some metal hardware such as eyelets along the top edge to thread the drawstring, and triglides and rectangle rings to finish the straps.

Free Bag Pattern and Tutorial - Denim Backpack

9. Skirt to Purse

This skirt was made using a charm pack, but unfortunately the fit couldn’t have been more frumpy. The solution – refashion it into a cute purse! This is an easy method of turning a favorite skirt into a purse.

Free Bag Pattern and Tutorial - Skirt to Purse

10. Craftee Tote Bag Pattern

Upcycle your old t-shirts into this fun tote bag, then embellish the bag with some cute applique designs, and other creative embellishments. Finish off with a diy bag handle using a wooden embroidery hoop.

Free Bag Pattern and Tutorial - Craftee Tote Bag Pattern

11. Bandana Snap Bag

This bag is easy to make made using the pointed ends of a bandana. You could make two small purses from one bandana, or one large purse using one bandana cut in half from point to point.

Free Bag Pattern and Tutorial - Bandana Bag

12. Shirt to Purse

Learn how to use all the details you find in clothes: the little buttons, pleats and seams – to create this fun upcycled purse. Line with fusible fleece, and add a strong shoulder strap using webbing.

Free Sewing Tutorial - Shirt to Purse

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