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Creative Closures – 8 Unique Techniques Online Class

by LTS
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Creative Closures- 8 Unique Techniques: Online Class

Fasten your garments and accessories with fashionable and functional flair! Personalize any pattern with one-of-a-kind closures that set your projects apart.

Boost your sewing savvy and learn to construct an inspired array of closure styles. Make your garments stand out with clever cut-on closures or capture a chic, understated look with in-seam buttonholes. Add a new focal point to your garments with corded closures, sew reversible button bands, and create triangle or origami buttonholes. Achieve a fun, trendy look with easy fold-over elastic closures, and bring your garments and accessories together beautifully with tab closures. From classic to contemporary, simple to artful, infuse unique design interest into garments and accessories with creative, customized closures.

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