Zippered Pouch – Free Sewing Tutorial


Free Purse Pattern and Tutorial - Zippered Pouch Pattern

This free pattern is brought to you by Mommy For Reals.

Sew Better, Sew Faster

Sew more quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality, once you’ve learned Janet Pray’s garment industry secret techniques.

Sew Better, Sew Faster: Online Sewing Class

Let Janet Pray teach you garment industry sewing techniques that have been adapted for home sewing equipment. Discover these insider methods as you construct a chic, sporty jacket from the included “Jacket Express” pattern designed by Janet. Use an expedited construction order to build the jacket and develop professional pressing and finishing skills. Accomplish beautiful cuffs and collars without hand stitching, achieve accurate and even topstitching and learn when and where to use proper interfacing. Skip the basting and use few to no pins. No kidding. In the words of Janet, “If you like to sew now, when you get done with this class you’re going to love to sew.” More…


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